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Most people know me as Dreaming Wolf. It's a name I've carried for many years. I started out as a young child being raised in the Church of Christ. I grew up with my grandmother who was VERY Irish and superstitious. I began praying to "pagan gods" around age 5. I desperately prayed with hope and overwhelming love to the Goddess Athena and Aphrodite every night. I would kneel at my window and gaze up at the moon and pray until their was nothing left in me and then fall asleep.

In my early teens I wavered back and forth torturously over Jesus (whom I loved dearly) and my Goddesses (whom Christianity forbade). In teenage rebellion I looked into the darker side of occult teaching and learned enough about it to scare my britches off! and know it was not for me!

In my late teens, around 16, I began studying Wicca. I began by reading anything I could get my hands on. After around a year and a half of practicing Wicca, I decided it was not for me either. I loved it, but I felt there was more out there. And so I continued my search.

At 17, I began studying the Teutonic beliefs and at the same time stumbled upon a Comanche Shaman. Actually, he found me. I studied with him for over a year and it was this intense and often difficult training that earned me the name Dreaming Wolf. I am very proud of it and I will never stop running with my brothers.

At 19, I decided to learn more about my heritage. I began studying the religious practices of the Irish before Christianity took over. I dedicated my self to the Goddess Brighid and the God Lugh. At times, the Morrigan and Cernunnos have taken center stage with me.

Today I have become a strange conglomeration of beliefs. I value the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. I am still a priestess to the Goddess and have come to know her by many names over the years, including Isis. I practice Buddhism and Kabbalah as a part of my daily living. I believe in angels and have done excessive research into their stories. I am a strange individual. Some would say that I can't make up my mind and have no anchor. I say they are wrong. A beautiful angel told me once to find the common thread that lies in the core of all religion and walk that path. I believe I have found my path and it's wonderful.