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In ritual once, I journeyed to visit my Goddess at her Great Temple. She came to me in the most amazing beauty and she was blue. She said something to me that made me question my sanity and my ego. I found it very disturbing and it puzzled me for weeks. She said, "I am your daughter.". I thought I mis-heard her. Or I was an ego maniac, because there was no way that that could be true. After thinking about this for many days, I realized what she was saying to me. I heard her correctly. She is my daughter and my son. What I believe that she meant became clear when I came across a Hindu website. (I thought she must be blue for some reason.) In Hinduism, poeple view their deity in relational context. As in Brahma is my husband, Parvati is my wife. God is their mother, father, husband, wife, lover, friend, and/or their child! They believe that divintiy is in everything and children therfore like all things are god.

I grew up without a mother or father. The Gods were my parents (my grandmother was very negletful and abusive). I have always yearned to be closer to my Goddess. When I became a mother it was strange. I have overwhelming maternal instincts. I found it ironic and bitter sweet to be one the other side of the coin. Providing what I never had and always yearned for. I have found that I am closer to her now. She was my mother as a child. As a mother, she is my baby. Through Her and my family I have found the love and peace I have always longed for.